Safe and Secure

Hidden Harbor Marina“weathers” the Delta’s winter storms and high water releases with ease. Hidden Harbor remained unscathed through the floods of ’86, ’95, & ’97 and through the typical winter water flow. The off-stream, wind and current protected inner harbors, and the boats berthed within, are safe and secure. The Harbormaster/Owners check the boats after heavy rains, checking for plugged scuppers, loose deck pipe covers, etc.

These pictures were taken within minutes of each other. High winds produced 2′ “rollers” on the Delta. The boats in the harbor, just 200 ft. from this action, rest comfortably in their slips.

Winter flows produce debris.  It’s a natural cleaning of the Delta.  During these high debris periods, we “boom” the harbors that block the debris.  This keeps our harbors clean and prevents your boat from having to share a slip with this stuff.